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Your Guide to Bridal Parties

Photo by Chris Ainsworth on Unsplash

The Bridal Party is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. This gives you a group of close friends and family to rely on during the wedding planning process. Whether you want a large or small bridal party, here are some tips to getting started on the bridal party!

Best Man and Maid of Honor

The Best Man and Maid of Honor will be the ones in charge of planning and organizing events for the bride or groom, and making sure the bridal party is in check. These are people that mean a lot to the bride or groom and have played a large role in their lives and possibly even a large role in the love story of the couple!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are also a large part in preparing for the wedding day. They help the groom or bride on the day of the wedding and celebrate with them prior to the wedding as well! If you’re having a bachelor/bachelorette party, your bridal party will be there to enjoy the time with you!

Start with how many people you want in your bridal party

Some people prefer to include a lot of people in their bridal party while others like to keep it more intimate. If you just can’t decide who to choose from a large list, expand your party size! If you are leaning towards a smaller wedding, a smaller bridal party may be for you. Try to look at it by thinking about who is important in your life that you would want by your side while you enter a new journey with the love of your life— people who share in your experience with your fiancé!

How do you want to ask them to be in your bridal party?

There are some people who like to keep it simple and pop the question calmly. There are also some people who like to include a gesture, like a gift basket or delivery with a card that says “Will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman” or “Will you be in my bridal party?” Think about how you envision the process and what would best capture your personality and intentions! (Keep an eye out for a future blog with gift ideas for your bridal party ;)

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