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Guest Book Ideas (Part 2)

Photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash

Last year, we gave you 7 guest book ideas for your wedding, and this year we are here to add to the list with some of the most recent guest book ideas in 2023! Hint: if you want to see some of these guest books in action, head over to our TikTok page @blueprintscoordination !

1. Jenga Blocks

A Jenga tower is a fun and unique way to gather your guests’ messages, memories, and well wishes for the couple! Have each of your guests sign a note on a Jenga block, and once everyone has taken a block you can build a tower of everyone’s love and thoughts from your wedding day!

2. Disposable Cameras

Last year, we talked about the polaroid camera photo booth, but this year, people are taking a new spin on the photo guest book. Give each of your guests a disposable camera to take pictures throughout the night! Not only is this fun, but it is a wonderful way to get some extra candid shots on top of the pictures your photographer is getting! You can truly see the wedding from the perspective of your guests, and sometimes the photos captured by your friends and family are even more special than those from the photographer! Another bonus to the disposable cameras is waiting for your one-year anniversary to develop the pictures. This makes for a wonderful reminder of your beautiful day together.

3. Phone Voicemail Message

Okay, so we definitely talked about a phone guest book last year, but it is surely a favorite again this year! Each of your guests can record a voice message to the couple. It serves as a guest book and a piece of decor! Being able to hear your guests’ voices in their messages can be a really sweet and touching memory to look back on as a part of your guest book!

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