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Proposing to Your Bridal Party

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

After the Marriage Proposal there's one more proposal left, the bridal party proposal! Some people like to keep this process casual while others like to take a sentimental or elaborate approach to asking people to be in their bridal party. Whichever approach you choose, we are here to guide you! Here’s 5 ways to propose to your bridal party!

1. Keep it simple and write them a card!

If you’re not a super emotional person, this could be a nice way to ask someone to be at your bridal party. Whether it's a silly card or a super sentimental message, your future bridesmaid/groomsman will love this personalized proposal!

2. Send them a thoughtful package

This is a great option to surprise someone with the question! Put together a package with some different little gifts, like a face mask, a bridal party robe, a bridal party cup, etc.. Package it all together and on the top of the inside of the package, leave a note that says “will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman" or "will you be in my bridal party?" This is another super thoughtful option if you want to do a little extra for these special people in your life!

3. Have them pop a balloon with a letter inside

This is an interactive and fun way to ask your bridal party to be a part of your wedding day. Write the question on a note, stick it inside a balloon, and then blow up the balloon! You can also add glitter or confetti inside of the balloon for an extra cute feel. Have each person pop their balloon and get some pictures or videos of the fun moment too!

4. Propose with a ring(pop)

This is certainly an important proposal, so what better way to propose than with a ring! If you want a somewhat fun and silly way to propose to your bridal party without the expensive cost or elaborate plan, ask your bridal party with a ring pop! (You know, like the candy!)

5. Invite everyone to a dinner together

If you want to have a group setting rather than a one-on-one proposal, consider hosting a dinner or inviting everyone out to a restaurant to ask the entire bridal party together! This is definitely a bonding opportunity for your entire bridal party to meet, spend time together, and get to know each other. Especially since you'll be spending a lot more time together leading up to the wedding day!

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