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Non-Traditional Wedding Trends (Part 2)

Photo by Cássio Jardim on Unsplash

We gave you some non-traditional wedding trends for the summer, but now we’re back to give you the newest non-traditional trends for the upcoming bridal seasons!

Short Bridal Dresses

Many brides are straying away from the long bridal gowns, and it is beautiful! Long dresses will always be a wedding staple, but sometimes that heavy fabric just isn’t it! Consider trying a short dress for your ceremony, reception, or both!

Wedding Suits

If the bridal dress isn’t much your style at all, try a bridal suit. These stunning and powerful statement outfits are becoming a trend that we are loving this year!

Non-Veil Headpieces

This was a trend from our last blog, but we just can’t help but share it again! Brides are starting to turn more to headbands and crowns instead of the traditional veil. These headpieces are beautiful and could be especially desired for an outdoor ceremony where the veil might pick up grass or leaves on the ground.

Getting Ready Together

Some people aren’t about the secrecy of the wedding day. If you want to see your fiancé before walking down the aisle, consider getting ready together instead of separately! This could be a very intimate and special moment between you two as you prepare for a beautiful ceremony that marks the new beginning of your lives as a married couple.

Ditch the White Dress

The non-traditional dress trends are really prevalent this year! Maybe white isn’t your color or maybe you want to make a statement— whatever the reason, ditching the white dress could be the non-traditional trend you take on!

Elope Now, Party Later!

Some couples prefer an intimate ceremony before starting the party. Many couples are getting married privately and then hosting a reception later on to celebrate their marriage!

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