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Why You Shouldn’t Cut A Wedding Coordinator From Your Budget

How We Make Your Day The Best It Can Possibly Be

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In part one of this series, we’ve given you some reasons you need a wedding coordinator (and if you haven’t seen it, head over to our previous blog post first!), but in case we didn’t convince you yet, here are some more reasons NOT to cut a wedding coordinator from your wedding budget!

The details are second nature to your wedding coordinator

With experience comes expertise, so we might as well call wedding coordinators experts in all things weddings! Coordinators have worked with countless weddings and know what can and cannot be accomplished. While you may have attended a few weddings, there are so many small details you can miss or forget to take care of if you don’t have a coordinator by your side. When you’re not sure what to do, your wedding coordinator will have a solution!

You wedding coordinator brings all of the vendors together smoothly

A wedding coordinator not only knows many great vendors in your area, but they also know how each one connects to one another. Having a vendor team that works well together is the key secret to a successful event–especially a wedding. It’s important to have someone who can make sure each of your vendors are on the same page, organized, and on-time.

Your wedding coordinator is in charge of set up and tear down

When it comes to the wedding day, setting up and tearing down the event are some of the most tedious tasks, and the wedding party certainly shouldn’t be the one’s in charge of this on the wedding day!. With a wedding coordinator, this job is handled and done with intention!

Your wedding coordinator is familiar with venues

Wedding coordinators have been to many venues from rustic to chic to modern styles. They know the policies of each venue, the amenities, and the endless possibilities for making the most of a specific venue. The coordinators help make the venue radiate your energy and can guide you in choosing the one that will make your wedding dreams come to life!

When it comes to why you should hire a wedding coordinator, it all comes down to having an expert who knows the ins and outs of all things weddings in order to take the lead on the event so you don’t have to! If you have more questions about wedding coordinators, specifically here at Blueprints, contact us! We are more than happy to guide you in this decision and hopefully have the honor of being there for your big day!

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