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Open Houses and Wedding Expos

Photo by Sarah Sekaly Photography

Wedding season is ramping up and we are in a season of excitement and eventfulness! There’s a lot to consider when planning for your wedding, but one of the best ways to scope out your options is by attending a wedding expo or open house! This year, we are excited to share that we will be at the Wedding Expo hosted by Adaumont Farm! This event will allow you to find some of the best wedding professionals in the Triad, no matter what stage you are at in your wedding planning process! This event will take place Sunday, March 27th from 1pm-4pm at Adaumont Farm! You can get your tickets now at !

What to expect at an open house wedding expo

So you may be asking yourself, what exactly will this expo entail and why should I go? At the wedding expo, you will have the chance to explore different vendors/resources that you can hire to bring your wedding to life in the best way possible! These vendors can help you decide what works best in order for your dream wedding visions to come to life, and they are happy to tell you about what they specialize in! Whether you have most of your vendors picked out and you're looking for the final one, or if you’re starting from square one, this event is sure to help you find the wedding professionals you need!

This expo is a HUGE time saver when prepping for your wedding!

Searching for vendors can be a very time consuming process, especially since you want to make sure you pick the right people! By attending a wedding expo, you can search for multiple different vendors at once, rather than having to schedule separate appointments that take up more of your busy time!

What will Blueprints be doing at this expo?

We are beyond excited to be a part of this open house wedding expo this year, and we are ecstatic to be able to meet you and share our mission and how we can be a resource to you leading up to and on your wedding day! We even have a few surprises in store for those that stop by our station…

We hope to see you there!

For more information about the venue hosting this event and for more event ticketing information, visit and be sure to check out our Instagram page @blueprintscoordination for more updates from us!

Open House Wedding Expo Location

Adaumont Farm

Trinity, 4941 Finch Farm Rd, Trinity, NC 27370, USA

Sunday, March 27th from 1pm-4pm

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