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Non-Traditional Wedding Trends On The Rise

Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

This year is all about breaking the old traditions and developing new, non-traditional trends! If you’re looking for more ways to change up your wedding from the norm, we’ve got you covered! Here’s 15 non-traditional wedding trends on the rise!

1. Let the bridesmaids pick their dress!

Whether you want the bridesmaids to match color with different dress styles, or have all different styles of dresses, this mix-matched look is all the rave this year!

2. Say goodbye to the traditional wedding dress

Replace the wedding dress with a cocktail dress, pantsuit, or whatever your heart wants to wear! This is your day and a dress doesn’t make it a wedding, you and your partner do!

3. Drink and food trucks

This is a super fun way to bring some casual fun to your wedding and to treat your guests to a delicious surprise!

4. Untrimmed stems on flower bouquets

This is another trend on the rise to add the more earthy, relaxed, and unique look to your wedding theme.

5. Personalized cocktail art

Personalizing your cocktails is a great way to add to your theme and have pieces of your wedding reflect who you and your partner are!

6. Have a wedding weekend

If you’ve got the time and the money, why put it all into one day? Having a wedding weekend to celebrate your love can be a fun way to add different aspects to your wedding.

7. Host a wedding brunch

If you’re wanting to spend time with your wedding party and partner the morning of your wedding, host a brunch to get the excitement started for the day!

8. Get married on a weekday

We know, crazy thought! But hey, it’s one of the cheapest times to host a wedding.

9. Let the wedding party wear white

This definitely isn't for everyone, but if you’re not superstitious about wearing white, break the tradition and let your wedding party wear white!

10. Ditch the wedding party

Who says you need to have a wedding party at all? If it’s not for you, ditch the wedding party altogether!

11. Customize your ceremony

Whether you’re writing your own vows, writing your ceremony, or having someone close to you write the ceremony, this is a great way to personalize your wedding even more!

12. Don’t have a wedding cake

This is definitely on the rise, so if you and your partner aren’t into cake that much, replace it with other desserts or food! You can try an ice cream bar, a fondue station, etc!

13. Ditch the veil

Feel free to go without a headpiece, or replace a veil with a flower crown, headband, or other headpiece that speaks to you.

14. Skip the bouquet and garter toss

It’s becoming more popular to skip this traditional aspect of a wedding. If you don’t feel like it fits your guests, skip the tossing!

15. Don’t do wedding favors

Wedding favors are slowly making their way out of weddings, and if you want some alternatives to wedding favors, check out our last blog post (hint hint)!

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