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Maid of Honor 101 (Part 2): Your Role On The Wedding Day

Photo by Carson Vara on Unsplash

We’ve given you some insight on what to do after they pop the question—not the “Will you marry me” question—the “Will you be my Maid of Honor” question! After all of that preparation and supporting pre-wedding is done, it's game time. The wedding day is one of the most important days for a Maid of Honor to be prepared for, and we’re here to start you off with a checklist.

Keep everyone hydrated (water, champagne, you know the drill)

As the Maid of Honor, you’re not only taking care of the bride on her big day, you’re also in charge of keeping the bridal party in check. Whether someone needs some real hydration or just a glass of champagne, you will be able to take the drinks off of the bride’s mind. (And also make sure no one is having too many glasses of champagne before the ceremony).

Help the Bride get ready

This is one of the most memorable moments for the bride. Help her check her makeup, approve the hairstyle, and when the time comes, be there to help her into her dress. The first time she sees herself in the mirror ready for her wedding day will likely be an emotional one, and you’re there to help that moment feel as beautiful as possible.

Give the Bride a pep talk

When a bride is about to get married, the emotions will be flowing like crazy. Be there to give her the pep talk she needs to find the excitement and happiness beneath the possible nerves. She is about to marry the love of her life and everyone in the ceremony is there to share in the love they are uniting.

Be the backup photographer

The bride will likely have a paid photographer capturing most of the photos during the night, but as the Maid of Honor you can capture more of those silly and intimate moments while the bridal party gets ready for the big day. Whether it's a funny video of the bride getting her makeup done or some candid shots of the morning, everyone will surely be looking for those extra special pics.

Guard the bouquet

When the bride walks down the aisle with her bouquet, make sure to take it from her during the ceremony so her hands are free to hold her fiancé’s. You can hand it back to her to walk back down the aisle once she is married, but be prepared to hold that beautiful bouquet during the ceremony.

Enjoy the moments with the Bride— and CELEBRATE!

Being a Maid of Honor is a big job and one of the most exciting roles that you can play on someone's wedding day. Even with all of these responsibilities, it is important that at the end of the day, you are the bride’s support and you are there to enjoy the time and celebrate with the bride! Share in the happiness of the special day and have fun!

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