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Wedding day catering can make or break an event. In a 2012 study, Harvard University researchers found that: “The taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories not just of eating food itself but also of place and setting.” What better time to serve your guests (and yourself) an evocative meal than on your wedding day?! Here at Blueprints, we truly believe that catering can extend beyond “just” chicken or beef and can truly be an extension of your wedding day theme and personal story. Here are a few tips to consider as you plan for your catering:

  • Take the season into account- Not only does incorporating seasonal foods benefit the environment, it also provides your guests with a menu that corresponds with the weather and what they’re likely ‘craving’ that time of year. Think warm, cozy meals for the winter, and light, bright meals for the summer.

  • Incorporate your personal story- One of our employees, Katy, incorporated picnic themed foods into her cocktail hour because her husband proposed while on a picnic. They displayed small, framed photos of their proposal throughout the cocktail hour location and the picnic-themed hors d'oeuvres provided a fun, unexpected alternative to the traditional cocktail offerings.

  • Provide options for different diet restrictions- Consider providing an option to share that you’re gluten free, vegetarian, etc. when guests RSVP so you can be sure to provide for them accordingly. No guest should be limited to ‘sides or salad’ simply because of their needs.

  • Midnight Snack- At a wedding reception we hosted last year, one of the couples provided Chick-fil-a sandwiches as guests left the reception. Not only was every single one devoured after a long day and night of dancing, but we guarantee you those guests won’t soon forget that fun nod to the couple’s favorite spot. We’ve also seen couples offer their favorite food truck outside as guests exited the venue (with a ticket to purchase one item), chocolate chip cookie ‘shots’ with milk inside, bags of popcorn for the road, etc. These little moments help your event go above and beyond in the guest experience!

  • Honor Your Heritage- A beautiful way to incorporate more of your personal story into your event is to request a family member to help provide a handmade item for your dessert table, favors, or midnight snack. For example, ask a cherished grandmother to bake an assortment of your favorite cookies for guests to grab as they go (with recipe cards). Or you can ask your mother in law to bake an assortment of pies she’s famous for as an alternative to wedding cake (throw in some homemade ice cream for a memorable addition). You can even incorporate your heritage into late night snacks (like your father’s famous curry in small portions), etc.

As mentioned above, these food experiences help guests connect deeply with who you are as individuals, where you came from, where you have chosen to get married, and what matters most to you as a couple. It’s one of the most vital decisions in planning your big day and helps secure the most perfect day your guests won’t soon forget.

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