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Blueprints YouTube Recap

Yes! It’s true! If you haven’t heard the news yet, we have a new YouTube channel! We are so excited to have uploaded our first three videos on the Blueprints YouTube channel and we cannot wait for you to see what’s coming next. For now though, we are going to recap what the last three videos were about, and for the full experience make sure to head over to our YouTube channel to catch up on our topics so far!

Video #1 Engagement Season Basics: Photoshoots

In this video, we partnered with Chelsea Clayton of Toujours and Ashley Stone of Ashley Stone Photography to bring you the inside scoop of what to expect from your engagement photoshoot. Whether you’re not sure how to find the right photographer or what an engagement shoot may look like, this video is for you! We also give you some looks at each of the photographer’s Instagrams and websites to see if their vibe matches yours!

Video #2 Bridal Shops: Trends and What to Know

This can arguably be the most daunting yet exciting part of your wedding: picking the dress! One of the hardest parts is following the trends each year for wedding gowns, that’s why we partnered with Nicole at The Magnolia Bride to give you the insight on this year’s trends! Nicole also shares some details about what your experience would look like dress shopping at a bridal shop, and more specifically at The Magnolia Bride. If you’re not sure what to expect heading into a bridal shop for the first time, check out this video!

Video #3 A Glimpse Into Bartenders

In this montage video, we give you a glimpse into some bartenders by partnering with The Wine Flower and True Mix Masters! If you want to see what these bartenders are about and some insight into their business, check out this video montage on our channel!

There’s even more to come on our channel!

It can feel a little overwhelming to go into some of these wedding preparations blind. We are doing our best to make sure you feel as comfortable and excited as possible leading up to the big day. So when you’re not sure what to expect, check our channel for some resources!

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