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7 Guest Book Ideas For Your Wedding!

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

To start off our blog week, we’re talking about a way to bring creativity and uniqueness to your wedding day! This day is filled with people who have shared in your love story with you and your partner, and you’ll want to be able to look back and remember who your wedding guests were and who was there to celebrate you each finding the love of your life! This is what the guest book is for. But, let us give you some ideas to put a creative spin on the generic guest book concept to make the day feel a little more like you!

1. Acrylic Signs

Okay, we know, acrylic signs are a little on the basic side, but they are easily personalized to you and your partner. Whether you include a picture of you and your partner on the acrylic sign, or a quote of your love story, these signs provide a clean, sleek, and modern style to your guest book. One of the best places to find personalized acrylic signs is on Etsy! There are many sellers who will design custom signs, just search for the seller that you trust and connect with, pick your design, and get excited to see the final result!

2. Polaroids

This is a great way to capture your guests in a way other than handwritten notes. Purchase a polaroid camera and an empty book to have your guests snap a photo and create a custom photo album! Each guest can attach their photo inside your book and leave a note beneath their photo. Our favorite part of this type of guest book is that it captures the vibe and energy of the day by including visual pictures rather than only words.

3. Puzzle

This is a super cute and customizable way to capture your guest book at your wedding. If you’re a couple who enjoys an activity like a puzzle, have a custom puzzle made with a picture of you and your partner, and have your guests each sign on the photo–maybe even have them each sign a singular puzzle piece! Then in the future, you and your partner can solve the puzzle to relive the happy memories of your big day! A bonus anniversary tradition.

4. Record

If you’re a vintage or musical couple, a record makes an adorable guest book! Have your guests sign on a record and use the record as decor either by itself or paired with an old record player to create even more of a vintage vibe. This guest book can really add to the theme of your wedding as well as fitting to you and your partner’s personalities.

5. Stones

Another way to incorporate a creative guest book is to have each of your guests sign a rock. You can then use these rocks to decorate a jar, or even the outside of your home as newly weds. The stones are perfect for an earthy couple who feels a connection to nature and the environment by reducing unnecessary materials.

6. Memory Jar

If you want a more elaborate guest book, have your guests fill up a memory jar. Find a jar of your liking and some small pieces of paper, and have each of your guests write a memory with you and your partner to add to the memory jar. You can then look back on your wedding day by reading the happy moments that others shared with you or observed about your love journey.

7. Voicemail Guestbook

This is a beautiful way to make your memories personal and meaningful for your guestbook! Have your guests leave you a voice message and it will be given back to you in whatever form you desire! A popular way to save these messages is on a vinyl record.

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