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Welcome To Blog Week!

We are so excited for the peak of wedding season to be starting up, and with this happy chaos, we only see it fit to start off the season with a blog week! That’s right, this week we will be posting one blog every day to give you some ideas and trends for your wedding day! Whether your wedding is one month away or one year away, these blogs can help inspire you for your big day.

Make sure to stay tuned to our blog page for each of these posts for blog week! Also be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook @blueprintscoordination to see updates of when a new blog is posted, and to see more frequent posts of what’s going on at Blueprints and in the wedding world! If those are not enough wedding resources for you, head over to our YouTube channel for even more tips and insight on what to expect for your wedding and the many pieces leading up to it!

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