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Tips From Your Coordinator

So we’ve told you what your coordinators do and why it’s important to consider one for your wedding, but now we have a special treat for you! From our very own Tonya Miller, Owner of Blueprints Coordination, here are some inside tips for your wedding day!

Tip #1 from Tonya: Before you select a venue, create a budget and a guest list.

This is so necessary. You do not want to book a venue that 1. takes over half of your budget and 2. may not accommodate all of your guests, dance floor, buffet tables, etc.

If you didn’t read our blog titled, "The First Steps To Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue”, this was one of the most important parts of selecting a venue! The venue should support your wedding, not the other way around!

Tip #2 from Tonya: Budget for a planner/coordinator.

You get one shot at your wedding day. Due to the magnitude and cost of weddings, planners and coordinators are a necessity, not a luxury.

With a day as important as your wedding day, there’s virtually no reason to skip over hiring a coordinator. This person is trained to handle the wedding chaos and has seen almost everything! Put your trust in their hands to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Tip #3 from Tonya: Make your wedding about you and your love story.

I love when couples incorporate details about themselves into their wedding day. From using a favorite color palette to including fur babies in the ceremony, it not only tells something about the couple, but it also makes their wedding unique.

Your wedding is about your love story. It is a celebration of where you’ve been and the beginning of where you’re going! Show your guests who you both are and how your love impacts every one of the people you share your big day with! Love is an inspiration so don’t be shy and let your love story fly!

Tip #4: The day goes by fast, so schedule some time for just the two of you.

This wedding that you have spent so much time planning (and so much money on) will go by amazingly fast and will be over before you even got a chance to really take it all in. Plan some time throughout the day for just the two of you to catch your breath and take in the day. From first looks to dinner by yourselves in a private area, couples need a few moments to themselves.

Yes, the wedding is a day to share your love, but it is also an intimate moment in your love story with your partner. It is important for weddings, as with any life event, to take in all of the joy and to lean on your partner through it all! Embrace the small moments and remember to stop and look around you at all the faces who have come to celebrate and support you!

Tip #5: Couple's Last Dance

This trend started a few years ago, but I hope it stays for good. There isn't anything more magical than a couple dancing by themselves in the venue after the guests have exited.. It gives the couple a chance for a private moment and it makes for some amazing pictures!

When it comes to preserving the magical memories of your wedding day, the last dance is the perfect way to close off a memorable night and to take a breath before heading into the rest of life together. Allow yourself to appreciate this day and time together. Reflecting like this is the best way to store these memories in your mind for years to come!

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