Giving Back

Volunteering & Donations 

reduce the carbon footprint of your event

How To

  • Select a hotel that can also serve as the event venue or that is within walking distance of the event venue, who also uses energy and water efficient equipment and practices

  • Buy carbon offsets based on guest travel plans (airplane, train, car, hotel stay etc.) 

  • Send out digital invitations through email or social media

  • Create a website or event app for event updates, RSVPs, timelines etc.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by offer a videoconference option or by encouraging carpooling or offering a method of group    transportation (limo, party bus, public transportation etc.)

  • Select a venue that is close to the majority of guests 

  • Buy carbon offsets based on event venue energy (lighting, heating, air conditioning etc.)

  • Use candles for lighting instead of electricity or battery operated lights


  • Cut down on food miles by using caterers who buy local, organic foods

  • Reduce waste by serving food on recyclable materials or china 

  • Offer recycling bins for service ware and barware

  • Reduce methane emissions by collecting a compost of all food waste